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Vanilla Future

Tecnica: pencil drawing

It’s the truth, nothing will ever be the same again. The virus has changed us and the way we see the world. As I’m drawing this picture, sitting at home self-isolating myself, the situation in my country is getting worse and worse, the disaster is inevitable and all I can do now is accept that and wish for the things to get better. When I look back at what my future visions were a year ago, they were far more Edenic and dreamy, but now, honestly?

My personal utopia is nothing more than watching some good news on TV and getting to decide freely whether to stay in or spend the day out. Even that seems so unreal and far away right now. Therefore, my illustration might be depicting a very mild sci-fi scenery, but that’s all I dream about these days.

And if I’d go big, I’d dream of a future where our cities run on renewable energy, a future where biodiversity is preserved and where the world just simply does not burn in flames. A society that’s nice to its surroundings, people who are nice to each other. Slower pace of life, appreciation, learning from past mistakes. A place in time and space where you can just relax and sip some coffee, maybe while listening to Aretha Franklin’s hologram from a redesign of Dieter Rams’ loudspeaker. Nothing crazy.

Anežka Hájková
Anežka Hájková
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