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I am an Iranian living in the United States. Although, I have started a new life in the United states, I always carry the memory of Iran and people who I loved them. Indeed, I am floating between two homes; my old home Iran and the new home the United States.
In my apartment, I have a small table where I keep and grow some pretty plants. I care them like how I care the memory of Iran. I wish I could plant my family members and friends like some green plants and have them in my American home. This table and the plants symbolize my utopia where my old and new homes merged to each-other, and I can enjoy both.
In this illustration, I have depicted this table and the plants. The table symbolizes Iran, and the plants that are morphed to some human bodies, symbolize my beloved people. I have located this table in my American apartment, because I wish I could merged my Iranian and American homes to each-other to create my utopia.

Maryam Khaleghiyazdi
Maryam Khaleghiyazdi
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