Tribunal of Life and Death

abdulla alkhoory
United Arab Emirates

Il mio Caos

between the good and evil, life and death, a gate exists in which it merges both worlds. This is the gate of madness, gate of chaos.

graphite of canvas sheet

35 pensieri su “Tribunal of Life and Death

  1. ❤️

  2. Wow! Love the art and the story behind it

  3. Interesting painting with fantastic topic

  4. In love with this masterpiece!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Fascinating

  6. This piece of art made me a better person. I can now change my own diapers without my dogs help. I no longer touch myself because the two creatures by the gate give me all the pleasure I need

  7. very nice

  8. Love the mystery and darkness it hollows

  9. This masterpiece can give multiple intrepetations depending on the viewers mind and personality. Love it

  10. Amazing painting!!, good job

  11. This wonderful piece of art, made me think of all the good and evil deeds i have done in my life. A true picture that means more than a thousand word. Just in love with it.

  12. vernice fantastica, voglio essere nella mente dell’artista

  13. A master piece ❤️ Love the details!

  14. This drawing is amazing, eye opening and creative

  15. resembles our lives.. once the gates of life open, you’ll never understand its chaos. loved it!

  16. I love the shadings and depth of this pic!

  17. Beautiful idea! I can not believe how you were able to put this into a piece of art. I also adore the fact that you only used graphite. The absence of color really emphasizes the darkness of the environment.

  18. Amazing artwork

  19. Amzaizing. Made me think about the afterlife.

  20. Very beautiful

  21. It’s amazing I like it

  22. Beautiful

  23. Exquisite ❤️

  24. This is an amazing artwork
    It has many details and represents so many meaningful ideas

  25. Unbelievable

  26. Amazing, keep moving forward bro ❤️

  27. Amazing

  28. Extraordinary

  29. This is a real masterpiece.

  30. Amazing I like it

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