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Tecnica: Digital

Typographic Hierarchy
As taking a quick look at this piece of art, one would feel free to characterize it as chaotic. First goal accomplished! The sense is totally compatible with the start of our common journey in Greek Mythology, at the very beggining of Cosmos.
In his poem ‘Theogony’, Hesiod claims that ‘Εν ἀρχή ἦν τὸ Χάος’ > At first Chaos came to be….
but next came Earth, Abyss and Eros -the son of Aphrodite… Darkness, Night… Then Light, Day and so on.
Indeed, with a closer look all the above symbolisms are present.
Black for darkness, yellow for light, red for life, altogether making the proper color combination for tension. Several blacks switch to grays or whites as the creation process goes on.
Symbolic parts are here combined with secondary typographic forms.
At center top and right corner, the inspirational sentence is used as a title. Strong shapes create discreetly the word Caos (or Χάος in Greek), as its oval Eggs continue to give birth.
Inside the a (alpha) is the symbol of Chaos with each arrow pointing at the four directions. Maybe somehow there is a god in that, is that a cross symbol?
Cyan for water, gently puring itself into the newborn planet on the bottom right.
On the left, last but not least, the side face of us all, who try to rationalize everything. But after Eros and our other insticts “throw their arrow” towards us, we still remain humans.

Konstantina Chartzi
Konstantina Chartzi

Graphic / Industrial design: on paper, metal, plexi, wood, porcelain, textile etc! Applied on various materials for Marketing Purposes, Fashion Jewelry, Lucky Charms, Deco Items and more.Effective Research & Suggestions due to the latest trends!
2D Designs | Printing themes | Lasercuts

TEACHING EXPERIENCE (220 Teaching Hours)

2017: Member of the Adult Education Association
2016 - 2018: Tabula Rasa > Certified School of Creative Arts
Position: Graphic Design Adult Educator (introduction to illustration)
2013 - 2014: > Design Courses for adults / Art Seminars
Position: Graphic Design Adult Educator: Introduction to graphic arts


Graphic Design & Typography:

Designs, LaserCuts, Print Themes applied on various materials
Product Design & Printing Themes:
Fashion Jewelry, Lucky Charms, Deco Items
Research & Suggestions due to the latest trends.
Many samples of work and catalogues are available if requested.

2011 - 2018
Indirect cooperations through factories and foundries with successful Greek companies. Collections and exclusive designs 
2013 - 2015
Liana Vourakis Authentics > Jewelry & bejeweled objects
Contribution to the designs for Promotional Material, Jewellery, Porcelain & Textile
2017 - 2018 > Jewelry and Fashion Items Manufacturer / Exporter
Position: Designer of lasercut Collections of wood/plexi for 2017-18-19
2014 - 2017 > Factory of metallic accessories
Position: Conceptual Designer - Art Director
Design for Jewelry Collections, Gifts, Souvenirs, Invitations, Event accessories. Designs to be applied on Metal, Textiles etc.
Design/supervision of the marketing material
Fields of work:
Design | Supervision | Creative development in collaboration with the  marketing Department. Responsible for Jewelry & Metallic accessories, Souvenirs, Wedding & christening accessories, Gifts and other products.
Job requirements during a typical week:
1. Design the next season's collection in each section.
2. Observe the global fashion trends | Research for new ideas.
3. Have meetings with the managers of each section, where results of previous designs are discussed and new ideas are presented.
4. Give instructions to the 3d designers and technitians.
5. Write and edit information for marketing materials.
6. Prepare the business presentation in local/international exhibitions.
2010 - 2013 Owner, manager and designer
2008 - 2014 Citrusidea > Graphic design applications
Position: Graphic Designer | Marketing Consultant
2000 - 2008 as an Executive Graphic Designer in Printing Shops and Advertising Companies: Prints, displays, marketing collateral, flyers & promotions| invitations | logo-branding development | posters | package design | web banners | promotional material design | jewelry design | porcelain design | screen printing | invitations | lasercuts 

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