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The turquoise happiness

Tecnica: watercolor

The light of revealed truth that gives hope and carries away with itself… The beautiful ephemeral world in which everyone is equally happy… A perfect place in the entire universe, where everything – pure love, harmony between humankind and nature, reasonable technological progress – exists as a living organism and moves with the time.
But future is in development, and development is not possible without changes , which inevitably entail complexities and rejection. You cannot get out of a thorn bush without getting hurt.
Utopia exists as long as people believe in it. And only children, who are more likely to discover the truth of the universe, are able to look behind perfection and to predict the fate of another utopia, which sooner or later will pop like a bubble and disappear in eternity…

Alesia Arakhouskaya
Alesia Arakhouskaya
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