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The New City

Tecnica: acrylic marker and pen

One of the origins of the word ‘chaos’ roots in the thick darkness and void gap of a mouth.

The model who appears in the picture is at the moment when she realizes that her love for a friend is unrequited.
From the second she confesses her feelings her eyes become blank and her lips slightly open as she becomes speechless
The objects surrounding her turns into fragments and breaks down as if they were built up with cardboard boxes.
The scenery slowly collapses starting from the objects enclosing her, and the bar transforms itself into a fabricated space.
Perceiving her feelings being returned was only possible in her imaginations, the model believes that the whole relationship between two has been superficial and a hoax.

What used to be real becomes a lie.
The chaotic scene seems to be there, merely to reflect her deep grief and shock.
The void in her heart continues in the gap between her parted lips, which symbolizes the disoriented and chaotic state of mind.

Haerri Kim
Haerri Kim
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