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The metaverse

Tecnica: Graphic Tablet

I have chosen to interpret the theme based on the meaning of Tilt in Italian which means broken mechanisms. In this artwork, I have chosen to portray the broken mechanisms in society that have been caused by technology and social media. Social media has been linked to mental issues and it is probably caused by the fact that people are always perceived on it which can lead to body image issues. There is always an unrealistic view of people on the platform who need to show the best aspects of their lives inducing envy for others and making them think that their lives don’t measure up. The iPad has replaced toys inducing children’s behavioural problems such as aggression and attention deficit disorders. I have chosen to create this artwork centred around social media to highlight how we are now less connected to the physical world which is sadly a broken mechanism in society.

Chloe Whitehouse
Chloe Whitehouse
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