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The Grieving Swan

Tecnica: Cut out watercolour pieces with an ink wash and pen background

When I think of TILT, I think of falling in slow motion, each pose captured in a snapshot. To me, this feels like grief.

When grieving, the whole world is tilted in different directions and you feel like you’re falling through the floor. I’ve chosen to depict the traditional five stages of grief with swans who are known as symbols of life’s transitions. The piece is titled ‘The Grieving Swan’ as a nod to the solo ballet piece, ‘The Dying Swan’

These five birds are tilting clockwise but never quite settle upright once denial has passed. Even in acceptance, the world just never feels the same.

The room itself, full of memories and pieces of the one who is gone, clicks into different positions around the swans. Without the person, however, it never finds a way to seem whole again.

Margo Simone
Margo Simone
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