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The golden city

Tecnica: Ink and watercolour on paper

My utopia is an eternal human expectation of light, freedom, and happiness. In the pursuit of this dream, we often find ourselves in a golden cage, but do we achieve our ideal in this way?

My illustration is about longing for the Golden age. The city where the magical dawn never ends… A world that never existed… A country that we all left long ago.

Ekaterina Nikidis
Ekaterina Nikidis

Ekaterina Nikidis
Artist, designer, art historian
Born in 1987

— currently — The St. Petersburg Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture. Department of theory and art history, art historian (distance learning)
— 2019 — Art Lyceum named after K. Faberge, jeweller
— 2009 — ITMO University (LIMTU), specialist in computer graphics

Ekaterina started her creative path in 2007 with a private course in academic drawing. She received a degree in computer graphics in 2009, and for 8 years she was involved in graphic design for business — she first worked in the Advertising Department of a trading company, then she was a freelance designer.

But throughout all these years, Ekaterina also drew and painted, improved her skills, and searched for the unique concept and style of her artworks.

2016-2018 years she spent in jewellery, most of all for learning different techniques. She also received a degree in jewellery from the Art Lyceum named after K. Faberge.

So after studying art, design, and history, working with different materials, combining knowledge and techniques from various fields, she finally came to the stage of a stable creating her own concepts and art objects.

Nowadays Ekaterina is a full-time self-employed artist. She creates series of graphics and paintings, jewellery designs, engravings on metal, installations. The main media: acrylic and gilding on different surfaces, watercolours, metals, and gems.

The sources of her inspiration are historical objects and documents, antiquities and their fate, some reflections. Ekaterina talks a lot about the essence of things and events. The fundamental themes of her creativity are philosophical questions of beauty, eternity and moments, the transience of life. The artist pays particular attention to the concept of beauty and its importance for the world.

Ekaterina doesn’t avoid adornment, she emphasises it. With the visual appeal of the artwork, she offers to look at the details more. She offers immerse yourself in the image and reflect on the story proposed by the author. “See more behind a beautiful cover” is her call.

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