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Tecnica: Vector-Logotype

Tapi-super-oulant is a logotype reference to the name of the Association using the music history theme of the area of Cremona and illustrating the “p” (middle letter of the word Super) as the mechanism of a tapis roulant, an ancient invention used for good and bad purposes in human history. All in color, offering to the composition the sense of a relaxing fun and modern identity.
This mechanism is kind of representing my late years like my “climbing” in order to produce work while keeping my personal, family and social balance through creativity.

Petros Vasiadis
Petros Vasiadis

Petros Vasiadis is a Creative Designer based in Athens, Greece, always a maker since his graduation from Vakalo of Arts & Design College. Publications, Magazines & Advertising Agencies such as AdWorks, Express Financial News, Kathimerini S.A. where he served as Art Director were just the beginning. Social Media, Typography, Illustration with disrupting impact and engaging Visual Communication are his latest achievements. He is currently the owner of NEu Tymes (on-line magazine), Typeface Designer making fonts for +CYN Fonts and spreading the word of Typography by TypoΤυπω (blog). He’s also supporting the creative community by feeding his blogs Creative Fund | Free Images and Free Letterheads with innovative quality material while playing his favorite music and artworks at De Face 365 in Athens,, Greece.

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