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Super Chorona

Tecnica: Acrylic on paper

When we think about ‘Super’, we are led to think about something extraordinary, and that something must, quite obviously, be of a positive value.
As children, and even as adults, whenever we start crying, we are immediately told to stop. Crying is seen as weakness, as a physical manifestation of sadness that must cease as quickly as possible, in the same way that sadness is hidden from our daily lives, masked by the apparent permanent happiness that we should express.
However, can you experience true happiness without sadness? Can you not cry freely, and can’t your tears give you strength?
Throughout my life, I’ve discovered I’m an extraordinary crier, of which I used to be ashamed. Now, I’m proud to call myself the super cry-baby, or as we say in Portuguese, Super Chorona.

Inês Oliveira
Inês Oliveira
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