Subtle Chaos

Duncan Adams
United Kingdom

Il mio Caos

I studied how people interpret chaos and found a vast range of imagery. To some it meant busy imagery like a spaghetti junction and to some it was little things that frustrated and annoyed them. I focussed on images of ‘perfection’ and OCD. I chose crayons as the subject matter as they are easily recognisable and the colours can clearly show order and structure. Having one broken and out of place causes frustration to someone with OCD (like me).
The Crayons are ceramic with hand drawn labels.

Ceramic and Paper

4 pensieri su “Subtle Chaos

  1. Beautiful, clear. Genious.

  2. Superb, perfect for the catalogue cover book

  3. Il pastello quando é rotto, colora meglio

  4. Here it is the Crayon in the brain of Homer Simpson!

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