Tecnica: Mixed Media

I thought a lot how to visually express this year’s theme. I decided not to use X as a form in my illustration and rather express and suggest it in the story of the illustration.I attempt to make a comment on the unknownn, of destiny, of God, of death, of after life… Yet, this remains ambiguous and reflective as parallel with the theme.

Birsu Celtek
Birsu Celtek

Birsu was born in 1976 in Ankara, Turkey. She graduated from TED Ankara College in 1994.
She earned her B.Sc. degree in Chemistry and M.Sc. degree in Biochemistry from the
Chemistry Department of Middle East Technical University, Ankara. In 2001, she started
studying graphic design in Bilkent University, Ankara and had her degree of
BFA in Graphic Design in 2005.
She has more than 10 years of experience working in design studios and worked as a
designer consultant in various UNDP projects in UN, Turkey.
In 2008, she started her teaching career as an instructor in Graphic Design Department,
Bilkent University, Ankara. Among the courses she taught are Graphic Design Studio, Illustration,
Rendering Techniques for Graphic Designers and Drawing.
Her main areas of interest are drawing, illustration, printmaking and identity design. She enjoys
photography, gardening and cooking.

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