Stay in own Cosmos among the human Chaos


Il mio Caos

A woman in the mythological opposition has always been represented as Chaos in opposition to the Cosmos (Order). The modern world very quickly moves forward, changes the scenery, overturns all traditional ideas and forces each of us to adapt to situations every second. So, people are forced to create their own small (or large) world – a cozy, comfortable, free from prejudice and stereotypes, where they can relax from external Chaos. Illustration shows that sometimes you just need to stop, take a big breath, have a cup of your favorite coffee and understand who you are. I wanted to show that the Woman is also a symbol of the Cosmic Order, peace, tranquility and presents the dichotomy of these two concepts in the ability to maintain balance. The idea is reinforced by the “cosmic” blue background, the delineated circle of Cosmos around the woman and the motley characters in the background.

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