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Tecnica: Digital, 2D,Tablet

When I started thinking about ‘SOS’ as for what it represents and doing a little research about it at the same time, I didn’t really came across anything that could lead me to the directions I wanted to take. That is because I wanted to come up with a symbol that will summarize the meaning of it in general by avoiding the fact being recognized just as the distress signal everybody knows.
So I decided to use the myth of Pandora’s Box, despite of its many interpretations, to address the question of why evil exists in the world and respectively our sence of responsibility for it.
For the design, I used the ancient art of Greek pottery as inspiration, because of it’s narrative style and in order to keep the authenticity of their culture and use history as a flashback for our development.
As we know, Pandora was given a box or a jar, called ‘pithos’ in Greek. Gods told her that the box contained special gifts from them, but she was not allowed to open the box ever. She herself has been given the gift of curiosity, as ironic as it sounds.
That made me think how I wanted to actually suspend the judgemental part of her act by infusing the whole image with a comic element, despite of the seriosness behind the meaning of the story, namely the weaknesses of human behavior. I felt it was self-explanatory enough to write down the ‘SOS’ symbol on the plague of evils, that come out of the box.
The way I designed Pandora herself, her pose in that case tells us how she’s not really accepting the choice she made. This is another characteristic feature of her I wanted to enhance, that spontaneity is a important quality that children possess, and it’s a very honest thing they do. That also explains her expression acting all innocent about it. But still that is not an excuse, because on the other hand choice without responsibility is greed and that’s a very common human quality. In that manner of speaking, I believe the moral message here is that taking risk is important, but it’s more important to learn from our mistakes we will make, because they’re part of it.

Victoria Dimitrova
Victoria Dimitrova
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