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Tecnica: Digital Illustration

To me, a Utopia is not a place, but the culmination of an idea that’s shared by all. The idea that I have chosen stands in opposition to the world we live in today; one that thrives on the manipulation of the masses through disinformation. Dangerous and hateful ideas spread this way like wildfire. In the Utopia I’ve chosen, the pursuit of objective truth and harmony is prioritised above all. In such an world, our discernible and mindful temperament would prove to be unfavourable for hateful rhetoric. We would be more invested in putting out fires than stoking or starting them.

Kenn Lam
Kenn Lam

I’m an illustrator and visual artist with a penchant for examining the mundane through fresh eyes. My inspirations range from classical Japanese Ukiyo-e art to traditional Chinese medicine labels and Victorian headstones - often materialised in finely-detailed and zestfully-coloured characters.

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Kenn Lam