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Tecnica: digital drawing

Utopia needs Dystopia – her sister with the unfortunate face.
She was always a difficult child.
Utopia needs her to point at. A warning.
‘Look there. Look at the mess. We are better than that here.’
Utopia will soon see however, as her ancestors before her did, that she is never really out the reach of her fallen sister. They were born of the same creature. They share the same blood.


While there are humans on Earth, Utopia can never be a reality, only a theory. When humankind is gone from Earth (along with our hate and greed), and nature reclaims its home, then the world will be restored to a Utopia. While we are still here, we must endeavour to leave the planet in the best condition possible for the animals and plants that are left behind.

Lucy Dewar
Lucy Dewar
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