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Rocking Horse

Tecnica: Procreate

This is me in my younger years (or can also be you, of course). It is always challenging for me to look on the beautiful side of everything or stay happy at all time. This was also when GUGUGrey began to bud from my painting brushes. He is just like a “weirdo” planet which doesn’t fit in. The way his body bends reminds me of the unusual elliptic orbit of Pluto. However lonely he looks, though, he does have good friends: Tin Robot, Shadow and Paper Plane, who embrace him wholeheartedly and in disregard of what other people say. I shared all my secrets with GUGUGrey in my drawings. We had a lot of fun, until I became an adult and he was buried with the juvenile me in the shades of time.

Xiaoying Liu
Xiaoying Liu
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