One Day at 9AM

Tecnica: dip pen, brush, photoshop

The Utopia in my heart is full of love and harmony between human and nature. We’ve saw too many death, disease, shut down, disasters during 2020. We realize what is truly important to us, our family, friends and the earth everyone living on. I present my ideas in a narrative style, with elements of fairytale and fantasy. Morning time is a symbol of refreshment, restart. And green brings people hope. That are what we need at this time. In my Utopia at 9 AM., you see the shepherdess stepped out of oil painting. She combed her sheep, softly singing .The calligrapher began his work — drafting letters for his major, the guy on the horse back, also working as a postman. Every morning, he wrote letters to his beloved citizens and delivered them in person. The content varied per day, maybe a funny joke he liked, a fiction he wrote, a striking news, a prediction of near future, sometimes with little cash. Today, he only asked a single word—Love 爱 from the calligrapher, to remind everyone that’s the secret to make a beautiful world .

Vikki Zhang
Vikki Zhang
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