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Modern Chaos

Tecnica: photoshop

In Modern era, you see always some chaos in everything even in a letter for design or logo such as the word b that I used in my image in different shapes which represents other words like p, q, b and d. simultaneously, the image represents shooting face to face by guns from every wall and walking among the bullets that totally are symbols of the caos in modern era.

Somayeh Sadat Sarkeshikian
Somayeh Sadat Sarkeshikian
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7 commenti

  1. It has a lot to say about the chaos in this era. There are lots of bullets and guns to kill everyone. No rules!!!

  2. I love how the artist used just one letter and placed it in such a way that it has multiple meanings. For me when I look at it first it looks like modern streets with people and cars. But I can also see the letters as guns with bullets flying around. At the same time, the stylish letters remind me of big brands like chanel and gucci. All of that combined creates a modern chaos, just like the title says. I can’t stop looking at this work of art, it’s just great!

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