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2023 - Si Yi Wong - Light snow (XiaoXue)

Light snow (XiaoXue)

Si Yi Wong

Tecnica / Technique:

Rice paper, ink, collage

Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

Xiaoxue (Light Snow) is a solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar, usually appearing around November 22 in the Gregorian calendar. It marks the beginning of winter, when the weather gets colder and the snowflakes begin to fall.

The meaning of my choice to create Xiaoxue is to spread Chinese culture and spread our country’s changes in weather according to different months through illustrations. And this saying that can be passed down from ancient times to the present is also very precious. I also want to preserve this tradition through art. With the development of the times, each country now has the traditional culture of other countries, which is a good thing, but the tradition of the twenty-four solar terms has always been heard only in China. And every solar term is accurate. People will change their eating habits according to the changes in solar terms, and they will also know what to wear more clothes and when not to go out. These statements are very particular.

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