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Tecnica: Acrylic on canvas

My daily life is filled with all kinds of science fiction movies, games, and cartoons that I love. Many of the science fiction films and animations have deeply influenced me. When I was 19 years old, I met Katsuhiro Otomo, an animation director from Japan, whose film Akira of the same name surprised and excited me. The integration of dystopian artistic concept and Cyber culture has deeply influenced my artistic creation. The film depicts a technologically advanced city, but its people’s lives are dominated by drugs, violence and crime. I was particularly attracted to the huge machines.
The 996 working system has become the norm in China. The 996 workweek is defined as a six-day work week that begins at 9 am and ends at 9 PM. It is also sometimes used in lieu of a series of management systems in which employees are required to work longer hours without additional pay. And I went through the ravages of the system when I graduated as an undergraduate. I feel more and more like an inanimate machine, blindly working on its own assembly line without any reward. This way of working kills my interests and passions. My colleagues, like me, consumed their own energy like they were on an assembly line.

Xiaoyu Gong
Xiaoyu Gong
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