2023 - Amira Tokmagambetova - Kazakh rhythms and dances

Kazakh rhythms and dances

Amira Tokmagambetova

Tecnica / Technique:

The work is done in watercolor and colored pens

Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

The Kazakh people are known for their solidarity and hospitality. These qualities have been embedded in the culture and traditions of the people for many centuries.

Kazakh guests always meet with joy and are treated to the best dishes of Kazakh cuisine. Kazakh hospitality is manifested not only in guests but also in everyday life. People are always ready to help each other in difficult moments and support in any circumstances.

Kazakh rhythms and dances also reflect the cohesion and unity of the people. Many Kazakh melodies and songs convey the history of the people, its traditions, and customs. They help to preserve the culture and heritage of the ancestors, which also contributes to the cohesion and unity of the people. Traditional Kazakh dances such as “Kara Zhorga”, “Ak Zhelken” and “Kara Koz” are performed in a circle and symbolize unity and harmony between people.

In my work, I wanted to show that the music and dances of the Kazakh people are not just elements of culture, but also reflect the spirituality and cohesion of the people. They unite people, creating a single harmonious atmosphere that helps to overcome difficulties together.

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