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Jobsville – A Fruitarian Utopia

Tecnica: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

This utopian space is designed as a pilgrimage through Steve Jobs’ formative years, with a focus to explore Jobs’ position within frameworks defined by a very specific set of behavioural nuances, dietary habits and cultural, architectural and technological influences. Religious motifs describe a journey of enlightenment, centred around scriptural overtones, where individuals follow Jobs’ footsteps, building spaces as manifestations of counter-cultural ideals.

The design supports a strong communal spirit where individuals care for their personal Apple tree, prune it to perfection, watered and cared to so it receives optimal sunlight and nutrients. The harvested fruit is then pressed to make juice which will react with rare Earth metals such as zinc and copper to create clean free electricity in a symbolyc merger of individuality, counter-cultural ideologies,nutrition and technology

Vlad Dumitru
Vlad Dumitru
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