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Tecnica: Pen Illustration

STOP as a theme immediately reminded me of the interceptions in my own life, as I have tried to change myself for the better. Most of the time those blockages came from inside. My own lack of confidence and fears stopped me from growing wings. With this illustration, I wanted to express this self-sabotage and how destructive it can be for one individual.

Meliz Elendil
Meliz Elendil

I am Kasasagi, 27 years old illustration artist from Istanbul- Turkey. I work with paper and ink. I prefer to use black, red, and white as the three main colors and varied tones of those colors when I sketch.

I describe my art as 'comforting of depression'.

It has helped me to get through hardships and that part of my journey is reflected in my style, especially with eyes and expressions. I try to revision life with a perspective that creates a contrast between dark and light emotions.

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