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Tecnica: Watercolor and pencilcolor

The story of this imaginary creature:
Antipodean Opalaye
The original hometown of the Dragon’s Eye is New Zealand, but migrates to Australia whenever the territory of this animal declines in its native land. Dragon-eyed dragons live in the valleys, not in the mountains, as is the custom of dragons.
The size of this breed is medium (weighing between 1 and 2 tons). These breeds are considered one of the most beautiful breeds of dragons. The scales have seven shells, and the opalescent eye is multicolored and without pupils.
These dragons produce a brilliant red fire but are not as savage as other dragons and will not kill or kill until they are hungry. The dragon’s favorite food is sheep, but there are also examples of its attack on larger prey.
In the late seventies, a wave of killing kangaroos was attributed to a male agitated eye driven by an agitated female dominant female from their native land. Eggs of gray agate are light gray and ignorant mules are sometimes mistaken for fossils.
which is a collection of 70 imaginary moguls

Monireh Tavassolikhah Illustraion
Monireh Tavassolikhah Illustraion
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