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Il toro innamorato della luna – STOP BULLFIGHTING

Tecnica: Acrylic technique

When I was a kid, I loved a song called “El toro enamorado de la luna”.
I used to sing it all the time, imagining every single bull in love with the moon.
I was very young too when I discovered the meaning of bullfighting, I couldn’t understand how grownups could enjoy torturing a poor animal in love, the purest of love.
Many years have passed and bulls still are killed in Spain for human entertainment.
I said it as a child and I still say it now, STOP bullfighting, STOP animal cruelty.

In the illustration, both the bull’s horns and the swords are painted from the same brush and color. Both weapons. One uses it to kill, the other uses it to protect the moon.

Belen Gonzalez
Belen Gonzalez
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