I thought it was time to play.

Boris Lee

Il mio Caos

“What is chaos?” This is the first question that I asked myself when I decided to interpret the theme. I looked it up in the dictionary, it says: “A situation in which everything is confused and in a mess.” Then I started to think a chaotic situation: a messy working place, a crowded and noisy room, a state of disorder of transportation, a confusing thought, etc. But no matter what ideas of “chaos” came to my mind, I found them lacked something. Afterwards, I googled some illustrations interpreting chaos, and I saw many images with “crowded” scene. Immediately, I realised this kind of interpretation is not what I want. What I want is an influential image, an image that can make an impact on everyone, an image that can convey my feelings and express my opinions about the world. This was how I decided to focus on war since I am against it. “What could be more chaotic than a war? What could be more confusing and messier?”

Mixed Media and digital finished
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