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Hidden Pillar

Tecnica: Digital

This illustration was made to commemorate the life of a civil engineer who tried to fight against superficial consolidation of buildings in Bucharest after a disastrous earthquake hit in 1977, which caused over 1500 deaths and left the capital of Romania in ruin. Gheorghe Ursu tried to convince the authorities to follow a rigorous consolidation plan of all affected buildings, but was instead advised to turn a blind eye and only make aesthetic restorations. Refusing to keep silent, he wrote a letter Radio Free Europe denouncing the communist leader’s actions that could potentially put the population of Bucharest at great risk in the eventuality of another big earthquake. For his defiance, he was detained by the regime and brutally murdered while in prison.

Irina Maria Iliescu
Irina Maria Iliescu

Irina Maria Iliescu is an artist/illustrator based in Bucharest, passionate about graphic arts in all its forms - from illustration to graphic design, from animation to printmaking. She studied graphic arts at the National University of Arts Bucharest and at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera Milano, and since she finished her studies (2014) she has been working as an illustrator, art director and graphic designer.

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