Heaven, Man, Sea, Beast and Boat

Tecnica: Paper based comprehensive materials

Heaven, Man, Sea, Beast and Boat is an index in the Eye of Nature series. Each ink dot is a universe. They are connected with each other and then leave again after blending. Steady state is sparse in this era. The lack of trust, the leakage of spiritual energy under the bombardment of information, and time has no temperature and process. What the author wants to evoke is between people, between people and materials, The “trust” and “integration” between man and everything.
The beginning of the Nature’s Eye series starts with a “tilt”. The color pours on the water, letting it flow. Every second changes with different interests. Dancing with the water color has no result
(Or you can say that the results you see are just one of them), depending on the moment, the good will of art also lies in this.

Xi Yang
Xi Yang
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