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Faces of nature

Tecnica: manual, fineliner

When I started to thinking of what should I design for this competition I decided that I’d like to reflecting to a daily problem in our life but not in a hackneyed way. The problem what I choosed is our nature’s neglect. I would like to imagine and show the importance of to carrying our nature because in the future it depend’s on us too what will be in the world, and the nature’s fate depend’s on us too, so it would be nice to what I represent in my graphic it will be not just an Utopian world.
My idea was born when I was red The White Boat by Chingiz Aitmatov in September. In the book’s opener chapter we know a boy who is a part of a very poor family and he will start’s soon the school. He hasn’t any friends but he’s not lonely because he thinks that his friend is the nature he is in a very deep relationship with every creature of the nature and he think’s when he feel sad the nature can feel it too, and the nature is part all of our lifetime. He knows every name of the plants of the forests and the fields too and he is respecting it all the time and smooth them by his hands or just lay down in the field and looking the sky untill he think’s about what he feel at this moment.
So I try to show up on my work this meaningful moment in every people’s life, and picture the nature like it has so many faces because it’s human kindly. And when you are or will be alone once in a life you feel the same like Aitmatov’s boy. I want to respect my theme by choosing the right imagery way so that’s the reason I drew it by a 0,25 mm blue fineliner by hand very minutely.
I hope you will like it and thank you for the chance!

Katalin Kántor
Katalin Kántor

I'm a graphic designer student at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design BA2 in Budapest. I like to illustrate, the experimental typoghraphy and poster designs.

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