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2023 - Yulia Breyneng - Eye can

Eye can

Yulia Breyneng

Tecnica / Technique:

Digital illustration

Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

The illustration’s concept plays with visual and verbal duality, skillfully intertwining image with language. The eye, more than just a tool of perception and a reflection of the soul, also serves as the auditory counterpart to the word “I,” standing before us as a symbol of self-awareness and the beginning of the journey to self-fulfillment. The can, echoing the word “can,” becomes an embodiment of potential, asking the question “Can I?”. Together, they not only play on the words “I can,” signifying the statement “I am able,” but also visually create an allegory of achievement: the eye, collecting stars, and the can, ready to capture their light. This tandem is not just a merging of two objects, but a symbol of assurance that we have everything necessary to make our dreams a reality.

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