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Erotic Fantasy

Tecnica: Collage

My privacy is masturbation, or more specifically the private feelings/needs that bring about this physical pleasure in each sex.

Collage was chosen to create a simple 3 dimensional abstract reality that attempts to include the physical appearance of male and female aroused genitalia. Furthermore the work includes images representing features helpful in achieving erotic pleasure as explained later. The title Erotic Fantasy, represents the desire to encourage each viewer to visualize his/hers personal fantasies through the image.

The work in divided into 3 parts:

Part 1: This is found in the upper part of the image. This includes a bedroom where a couple is lovemaking on a bed. On one side of the bed there is a window growing in height towards the viewer, and on the other side the floor of the room going deeper into the picture. The sides represent the legs of a woman whereas the bed area is her aroused genitalia. This image depicts some feelings that contribute to her achieving arousal. Security (bed), romance/mystery (moonlight), and dominance (the relationship of the couple on the bed) are some of these.

Part 2: This is the lower part of the image. There you can see a stage with a pianist; under the stage there is an audience. The audience is double sided, i.e. it is depicted by both the red and the gray figures. This feature signifies the versatility of the male masturbation. The piano and the pianist are very prominent in this part. The piano represents the tip of the penis, and the stage the shaft of an erect penis. This image signifies exhibitionism, practice (as needed to perform on stage!). Furthermore the prominent position of the pianist signifies flamboyancy and ego (concerning the genitalia itself).

Part 3. This is the lower blue part of the image. It represents a staircase connecting the male and the female masturbation vision (bedroom and concert stage), as well as representing the testicles of the penis. Blue is used sarcastically, as blue balls is a slang term for a testicular sensation caused after being sexually aroused for a long period of time without allowing yourself to orgasm. The staircase also represents the stepwise achievement of the female orgasm; the male orgasm is represented at the bottom of the staircase (stage), thus simpler to achieve.

Complete Picture

As a whole the image is done in a very simple manner with patterns and vivid colours giving the opportunity for multiple interpretations; freedom of interpretation is desired as it parallels the diversity of erotic fantasies between individuals. The intense colours signify the variations of the orgasm itself, whereas the patterned environment shows how something simple like geometric shapes can create a complex environment instead of being simple flat objects. This again relates to the simple, but not so simple question, of what is an orgasm?

Vasilis Andreou
Vasilis Andreou
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