Pawel Bastkowski

Il mio Caos

The final picture is the result of collaboration between the photographer (Grzegorz Linkiewicz) and the artist (Pawel Bastkowski). The photographic background built on the basis of analog photographs is taken in a common denominator by a majestic drawing in the foreground.
a chaotic mixture composed of images whose semantic field refers to a distant mental state, full of variations in their pronunciation, are somewhat unwaveringly observed by the all-seeing eye, which in this case is identified with the recipient.
The authors, through their own work, invite the viewer to look into the mirror of his own soul, full of contradiction and chaos, distant emotional state, beauty, ugliness, perversion, love and everything that allows him to be called human beings.

The final picture also refers directly to the contemporary reality that surrounds us, filled with the rule of power, sex and money, where the natural beauty of the world is overwhelmed by temporal refinement.

Pencil drawing on Polaroid collage
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