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“Deviasana” – The Goddess Pose

Tecnica: Ink Illustration / Pen/ Black archival ink

My interpretation of X is in the form of a yoga asana (pose). The “Deviasana” or “Goddess Pose”, is a pose where the body takes the shape of a X. A powerful pose that requires strength and agility, it awakens the goddess within us to heal body and soul.

The transitioning patterns symbolize the dynamic flow of energy within the body. The complexity of patterns near the limbs epitomizes the need for these areas to be strong and stable, during the practice. Whereas the blooming lotus at the core of the body, manifests the healing energy being generated. The “Goddess pose” is set against the backdrop of a sacred Buddhist Mandala.

My art is inspired by various folk arts of India. I am fascinated with the synergy of patterns and the way they create interesting imagery.

Anjali Bansal Purkayastha
Anjali Bansal Purkayastha
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