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Ciao, Eyes Open

Tecnica: Digital design

Throughout my life, I have rarely traveled outside of California. Having grown up in a very diverse area, I foolishly believed I’d already been exposed to much of the world’s different cultures. I considered myself well-cultured because of the various ethnicities I’d grown up around. However, since coming to Europe for the first time I’ve learned that there is a such a tremendous amount of the world I have yet to see and experience.

Italy is the first country I visited in Europe during my time here. “Ciao” signifies the beginning of my journey through the uncharted world of Europe. I’ve continued to use this simple word throughout my travels to other countries. This journey has opened my eyes up to all new kinds of art, habits, beliefs, architecture, music, and culture that I could have never imagined. The Duomo was one of the first monuments I visited and the image represents my first introduction to this new world with my eyes newly wide open.

Farica Carroll
Farica Carroll
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