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ciao, darling elves

Tecnica: digital

Everytime she sits at the desk, these two little elves appear. This time, it is a cookie they’re after. They are nice, though.

Tijana Knezevic
Tijana Knezevic

Holds a Magister degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Drawing department.
Exhibited in Belgrade, London, Venice, Vienna, Helsinki and Dusseldorf, with artworks acquired for the collection of Belgrade City Museum and private collections internationally.
Illustrating for over 20 years, mainly children’s books, school books, editorials, advertising, infographics and teaching variety of techniques: from aquarelles and pastels on paper, to digital, to animations for diverse clients: Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Hyatt Hotels, Microsoft WebFu Conference, National Geographic Junior, Q-sphereLimited London, CRH Holcim, Klett Verlag, Massel Verlag, Recan Fund for Aluminium Recycling, Regional Environment Center, Institute for School Books, Joy of Europe Manifestations, Laguna Publishing, Odiseja Publishing, Creative Center Publishing.
Awarded Best illustration by School Books Publishing House in Belgrade, during 43rd Golden Pen Belgrade International illustration biennale, and Special Prize for illustrations of the book “The Treehouse” (Bianca Pitzorno, Odiseja Publishing House) at the 8th Book Illustration Festival BookILL Fest, Serbia.
Based in Boston MA, working as a freelance illustrator and visual artist.

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