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Beautiful things don’t ask for attention

Tecnica: Digital technique (Tools: Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop)

I find nature as a fascinating source of inspiration. I strongly agree with the famous quote “Beautiful things don’t ask for attention” from ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’. Unlike us humans, these wild creatures do not strive for beauty nor attention. They simply are and that is my definition of being “super”.
I enjoy challenging myself by using the least number of lines and shapes to capture the physical characteristics of different animals. I have a distinctive aesthetic, which incorporates various geometric shapes and patterns to depict nature and arranging them in a playful puzzle-like manner. As for the palette, I used colors and textures found from natural objects, such as stones and marbles to emphasize the firm strength and power of the animal.

Artsy Kiddo
Artsy Kiddo
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