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Beat your bad mood

Tecnica: Digital

Beat your bad mood. How to deal with sadness. Come superare la tristezza

Maria Bloom
Maria Bloom

Maria Bloom born and raised in Moscow in a family of artists.
After studying applied arts, she worked as a sculptor for many years and taught sculpture at the Moscow Architecture Academy.
In addition to participating in various exhibitions and working in the Moscow Art Association, she discovered a passion for Illustration. In this time she de-veloped her artistic concept “artinobject” for her sculptures.
This concept pursues the search for harmony of motifs from the living envi-ronment, combined with simple abstract forms. An attempt to get away from the conventions of visual perception and their lexical designation through as-sociative stimulation.
From this concept she developed the way approaching illustration. Thereaf-ter she received inquiries from the business sector as well. Every now and then she would support presentations and speaker events with her pictures, which were mainly used in the areas of leadership, business in general, health and psychology.
After moving to Germany in 2019, she works as a freelance illustrator for agencies and various educational institutions. Today she lives near Munich with her husband and daughter.

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