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A Clockwork Orange

Tecnica: Mixed Media Collage

I have chosen to illustrate one of the most iconic scenes from Stanley Kubrick’s ‘A Clockwork Orange’. In this scene, the title character Alex, is subjected to experimental treatment to cure him of being ‘bad’ or ‘evil’. His eyes are forced open and he is made to watch vile images at the same time as feeling sick, in order to associate that feeling with evil. I found this scene to be particularly compelling when I watched the film for the first time, as I struggled to decide who was good and who was evil in the scene, as the film constantly forces the viewer to do so, as Alex is clearly in a great amount of suffering. I chose to illustrate this scene using collaged clippings from newspapers to highlight the fact that evil is something real in our world, and that although we try to avoid it, we must all make our own choices about what we come into contact with and the decisions we make in life. I also stuck to a relatively small colour scheme using mainly black and grey with only the bright pop of the orange, to allude to the film’s title.

Ella Clasper
Ella Clasper
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