4 ciao’s in the park

Tecnica: digital illustration

Ciao is a way to say both hello and goodbye, and I chose to focus on hello. I wanted to write hello with people saying hello to each other. The father (C) greeting his daughter who is running to him (I), the two women kissing (A) and the two dogs running in a circle (O). It is Italian inspired to honour the origin of the word, but at the same time I wanted it to look at if this could be in any country, since we all know the word ciao.
I also wanted the greeting in focus because this is the first competition I enter, so this is also my Hello to that part of the design/art world.
The C I A O figures are made on my phone with Adobe Draw and then put together and given a backdrop in Adobe Illustrator.

Ann Morgan Ayah
Ann Morgan Ayah
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