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Tecnica: digital painting made by Procreate (on iPad)

“10 PRINT” is a BASIC program consisting of a single line of code, which randomly prints a forward or back slash to the screen, so the patterns it generates will never repeat. This piece of art shows an iceberg of 10 PRINT patterns, and a circus actor lying on it, concentrating on the cellphone in his hand. He seems to ignore the fact that the iceberg beneath him is slowly sinking into the deep dark sea. We can see in the sea there is a keyboard and a monitor, which are obsolete models coming from the 1980s. The picture juxtaposes those out-of-date technologies with the overwhelmingly fast spinning world (as someone said, “The product becomes out-of-date when it goes public”), and expresses the confusion that people seem to ignore this imbalance and are prone to indulging themselves in entertainment. That’s my TILT.

Xue Wen
Xue Wen
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